Following the success of our ANZAC Appeal Campaign collaboration, Jason Jones and Nick Lauria at The Refinery approached us again to produce the Poppy Appeal TVC for RSL Victoria.

RSL Victoria had a clear goal: a light and friendly 30-second TVC showcasing this year’s campaign theme “Together We Remember”. This theme calls on us to reflect on the legacy of those who have served our country.

Through some back and forth collaboration we developed a script that conveyed the essence of RSL Victoria's message. We carefully charted out each scene and translated them into comprehensive storyboards. Being detail-oriented, we find immense value in thorough storyboarding, ensuring the narrative fit within the confines of the 30-second TV spot. 

To bring our vision to life, we engaged Jensen Cope as the Director of Photography and Joseph Gaines as the Art Director. Both brought unique perspectives and expertise, which were invaluable in crafting the perfect shots and visual storytelling elements. 

Our search for the right location led us to a lovely little spot in Whittlesea that we had managed to become aware of during a documentary shoot based in Whittlesea earlier in the year. It provided the perfect backdrop for our campsite set, whilst still being conveniently close to the Melbourne CBD.

On the day of the shoot, mother nature was on our side. The weather was comfortably warm - hot but not unbearably so. This not only made the shooting experience pleasant for our cast and crew but also added a light ambiance to the visuals, aligning perfectly with the ‘gentle and friendly' tone we aimed for.

We are proud of the end product that not only adhered to the client's brief but also captured the spirit of the RSL Poppy Appeal.

The TVC serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, meticulous planning, and having a passionate team on board. It’s not just about producing a commercial; it's about telling a story that resonates and is right for the brand.
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